It is at the service of thousands of customers worldwide on a 7/24 basis thanks to its formidable stock structure and its highly competent team. Backed by its logistics network with more than 50 transport vehicles, products are delivered from its Düzce distribution center to more than 4500 customers in 81 provinces within 24 hours. Owing to its formidable skills to improve its logistic and shipment capabilities day-by-day, Atak Taşıt targets to provide better services to its customers at its new storage building. Planning to grow its 50-vehicle fleet with new vehicles, Atak Taşıt also has plans under its belt in this respect. With its more than 457,000m² storage facility and its special ramps able to accommodate all kinds of trucks and shipment vehicles, Atak Taşıt loads orders on board vehicles as soon as they are accepted in the system. With its new storage facility with a 12m height from bottom to top, it brings a new vision thanks to high ceiling concept and cubic meter capacity with an emphasis on critical importance of storage and shelf system.